Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls Online Announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X

PS5 and Xbox Series X

Doom eternal and the Elder Scrolls Online has announced for a PS5 and Xbox Series X. Doom Eternal that was launched earlier this march will be released PlayStation 5 and Xbox series along with the elder scrolls.  The PS5 and Xbox series X are yet to confirm their release but they have guaranteed that this PS5 and Xbox series X will be a user-friendly one. 

Exterior of PS5 and Xbox series X

The console has a lot of new built-in features but when we look at its exterior the design is unique and new from the others. This Xbox series X is said to look more like the normal desktop that we have. It is bulky and quite tall. The PlayStation 5 has quite a similar layout as before with DualShock 4. Though it is similar to another PlayStation the new PlayStation 5 has some great features in there. 

The overall review of both the PS5 and Xbox series X is quite different and similar at the same time. To check out the interior we need to wait till the release.


According to the publisher Bethesda, the users using PlayStation 4 are entitled to get a free update. This is applied to all those Xbox 1 users as well. The new consoles have been upgraded. Doom Eternal and The Elder Scrolls have been working on some new features. This release would be a massive one according to many. And as for the people who love gaming, they are always in a wait for something dynamic in the gaming industry. So here it is the release of PS5 and Xbox series X. Along with this, it is said that they have been working on the new-gen. The sources have confirmed that there will be more games present along with some amazing features that will allow you to use this device easily.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is called as future of gaming as it has 3D features and much more that is added on to it. This is a “daring and future facing” according to Jim Ryans the CEO.

The release date of PS5 and Xbox series X

The release of these consoles is not yet revealed. The games are not yet disclosed by the developer, but they ensured it to be one of the most exciting ones. Along with this, the console is said to be far more attractive than any other consoles.

The release is on hold due to the pandemic, but Doom eternal and the Elder Scrolls have ensured that it is worth waiting for. According to the publisher all the matters, affairs and many more will be online basic due to COVID-19. They said that they would bring out some latest news about the consoles in a few days.

To purchase the these consoles you don’t have to run around. It will be available online as soon as it releases. The publishers have assured a great quality of this device leaving everyone impatient till it releases.

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