Dolly Parton Explains Why She Dropped Dixie From Dollywood Attraction!

We finally know the reason behind the motive of dropping Dixie from Dollywood Attraction. Dolly Parton, the cultural icon, revealed that she did so to not cause offend to anyone. She said that she made this decision after becoming more aware of the word’s association with the confederacy and its implications.

In an interview to Billboard, Dolly said that there is a thing called innocent ignorance and many of us are guilty of that. She heard that ‘Dixie’ was an offensive word and thought that she doesn’t want to offend anyone, this is a business. Dolly further added that as soon as you realize that something is a problem, you should fix it and not be dumb. She would never dream of hurting anybody on purpose.

This is the reason in the year 2018, she changed the name of an attraction in her theme park from Dixie Stampede to The Stampede.

Dollywood theme park was set to open in March this year but the opening was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. Majority of workers of the park have been put on furlough till the park’s limited reopening in June. This has since been expanded as state laws have allowed it.

Dolly went on to add that she is not expecting to have a great year ahead. All the things she have been working on are on hold, her production companies and movies, all took a great hit due to the pandemic. But she still believes and trusts in God and is hoping for the best.

View of Dolly Parton on the Black Lives Matter Movement

Dolly also shared her thoughts on the Black Live Matter movement and the recent eruption of protests in America in her interview. Dolly went on to say that of course she thinks black lives matter. She understands that people have to make themselves known, felt and seen. She further added that she is not a judgmental person. Dolly believes that all have the right to be exactly who they are. She believes that God is the judge and she tries to be herself and let everybody else be themselves.  

Dolly, The Cultural Icon

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Parton rose to fame with country star Porter Wagoner. She boasts of a hit solo career with popular songs like Joshua, Jolene, The Bargain Store, I will Always Love You, Here You Come Again, 9 To 5, Islands in the Streams, among others. She has also starred in many movies including 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias. Dolly opened her own theme park, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the year 1986. Till this date, the amusement park remains a popular travel destination. At the age of 74, she still continues to record and tour regularly.

Dolly Parton is the godmother of Miley Cyrus, the pop singer and actress. She has been married to Carl Dean since the year 1966. The couple renewed their vows on their 50th anniversary. The couple do not have any children. According to Dolly she would have felt guilty to leave her children at home and go on tours. She added that she wouldn’t have been a star if she had a family.
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