Dirty Dancing Sequel Has Been Announced!

dirty dancing sequel cast

Yes, it is official. The sequel has been announced.  

The announcement of Dirty dancing sequel has made fans go crazy. The original movie was released in 1987. It was known as the most iconic film in that era. This movie was a great sensation.

Dirty dancing was a phenomenally successful movie back in 1987. There were also some spin-offs, remakes, and much that had taken place. But guess what, there has been an official announcement regarding the release of ‘Dirty Dancing’ sequel.

Originally, the first ‘Dirty Dancing’ movie was loved by all and this sequel is set to bring nostalgia. This movie has always been the best movie of all time. Jennifer Grey played the role of Frances also known as Baby in the first part along with Patrick Swayze who played the role of Jonny Castle.

The plot of ‘Dirty Dancing’ sequel :

As most of us have seen ‘Dirty Dancing’ 1. We are still not aware of what has happened to Baby. According to sources, it is believed that the sequel would revolve again around the life of Baby.

The plot will go by and study the later life of Baby. If she has continued dancing, did she pursue what she wanted, or has she not moved on yet after losing Jonny. What will be her life without him?

This plot is just a synopsis. It is still not confirmed to what would be the plot of this movie that is ‘Dirty Dancing’.

dirty dancing sequel

The plot still being unclear, the creators and directors have ensured that it will not be the same as the spin-offs, and remakes. This content will be quite a lot like some old romance. They have also mentioned that this will be a nostalgic movie that the fans have been waiting for.

The cast of ‘Dirty Dancing’ Sequel :

The director of the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ Sequel is Johnathan Levine. This sequel is written by Mikki Daughtry who is known for his marvelous screenplays.

The cast of this movie is still not been revealed but it is believed that Jennifer Grey will be a part of this movie. This is literally what we have been waiting for. Jennifer Grey known for her role in Dirty Dancing has made us love her even more. The 60-year-old will be working on this sequel.

It is still not yet announced what role will Jennifer Grey be playing. But as of now, she is a confirmed cast for this movie.

‘Dirty Dancing’ Sequel release date :

The release of ‘Dirty Dancing’ has still not been announced. But it is believed that the cast will begin to shoot soon. It was announced in August 2020 that ‘Dirty Dancing’ sequel would be released.

dirty dancing sequel
Jennifer Grey, pictured in Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze, is rumoured to be working on a new film with Lionsgate

The trailer :

No trailer has been released yet. This is because the cast hasn’t begun with the shoot due to the pandemic conditions. But they will begin with the shoot eventually.

Although the plot, cast, and release date are still not confirmed. We all are excited that Jennifer Grey will be a part of this sequel. It is also believed that she will be a part of the production crew too as she is also producing the film.

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