Diplo hits the ranch with Noah Cyrus in ‘On Mine’ music video

The music video for Diplo’s track “On Mine” was released on July 8, 2020. It featured Noah Cyrus who also voiced the track. The song is from his latest album Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil. All the music videos from that album are directed by  Brandon Dermer to maintain the continuity and connection.

on mine music video

About the album, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil and the On Mine music video

“On Mine” is the third track from Diplo’s debut country album Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil to receive a corresponding video to the track. The other two are “Do Si Do” and “Dance With Me.”

Another feather was added to Diplo’s hat when the song “On Mine” took the top spot on Top Country Albums chart for five weeks in a row. Currently, it is in the ninth position. 

Snake Oil was released by Diplo in the last May. It has contributions from  Orville Peck, Cam, Morgan Wallen, Thomas Rhett, Blanco Brown, and more. The project has Diplo incorporating a country sound to his Electronic production and was revealed last August following a performance at Stagecoach in 2019.

All about the music video of “On Mine”

The “On Mine” music video shot at Far West Farms in Calabasas, where Cyrus and Diplo are seen enjoying the ranch. This is the same place where Cyrus rode horses when she was young.

The video catches the farmhand vibes with the echoing chorus “‘Cause I really wanna know you better, wanna put your lips on mine, on mine, on mine, on mine, on mine,” 

Cyrus’s cowgirl outfits suit the entire mood. Cyrus rocks that white strappy, flowy, leathery outfit, acing with the cowgirl hat whilst hanging in the horse pen. On the other hand, Diplo works as a farmhand and performs manual labor in Hank Williams t-shirt.

The chorus adds a transition. Noah’s white Western look is symbolically replaced with an all-red one, decorating an additional element with her deep red lipstick. For the second chorus, Noah dons an all-black look and double braids.

 Noah might not be wearing what exactly cowgirls wear. But, this western aspect of the country song also makes the song stand out.

The duo then takes a ride around in a front end loader and generally horse around the farm. In the On Mine music video, we can see both Diplo and Cyrus ride on a bulldozer. They were also seen bathing a horse, Cyrus racing as she rides a white horse. They dance around the farm catching the feel of the song.

The track is a clear mixture of pop culture and country. Diplo’s drum beats and guitar strings add a piece of classic western music to Cyrus’ beautiful voice. The track picks up from a slow beat. It begins with Cyrus sings about falling in love. The energetic beat shows Diplo’s electronic roots as it incorporates his country’s influence.

Snake oil board game:

Apart from the visuals, Diplo also released a snake oil themed board game. Where you can roll your dice and listen to the song where you land on. Sounds fun right!

Give a spin and try the board game here https://www.snakeoilboardgame.com/

Watch the video of the track ‘On Mine’ below

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