How Kelly Osbourne Stunned Us With Her Transformation, She Lost 85 Pounds

Don’t we all dream of losing weight? To look perfect to the T? We have seen many celebrities who have lost weight in recent times, but the best in recent times has been the weight loss of Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne took to her social media handle recently to flaunt her weight loss. She posted a stream of selfies showing her thinned out face and trust us she looks stunning!

Reaction from her fans

After Osbourne’s weight loss has amazed the fans of the stars. Comments have been flooding her social media handles. Fans are congratulating and complimenting Kelly Osbourne on her amazing transformation.

Check out some of the comments by her fans below –

One fan commented, “Omg! You look fantastic!”

Another commented, “You look Stunning!”

Even Jeanie Mai’s mother couldn’t believe her transformation and commented about Osbourne’s weight loss. “Oh my god,  you lost a lot of weight!”

Replying to her comment, Kelly Osbourne said, “You’re right mamma mia ! I lost 85 pounds since I last saw you. Can you believe it ?!”

Kelly Osbourne Showing off her amazing transformation

Kelly Osbourne has been proud of her weight loss and also does not step back on bragging about it. And why not! 85 pounds is not easy to shed off!

She recently took to her Instagram handle to post a photo of a dress with size 26 mentioned on the tag. She captioned the shot stating, “Yes, I am bragging……I worked hard and it feels good!!”. She was shopping at Neiman Marcus where she clicked the picture.

Kelly was spotted recently after her weight loss by the paparazzi, wearing all black clothing, with pink shoes and purple hair.

She revealed that she is getting back to work in the real studio amidst the pandemic. She has been keeping her fans updated by posting car selfies on her way to work.

kelly osbourne
Kelly during an episode of Dancing with the stars in 2009

It is not the first time Kelly has lost weight. In 2009, after participating in the reality dance show, Dancing with the Stars, Kelly’s weight loss has astonished everyone. Though she later gained the pounds back the transformation back then is worth mentioning.

She chose to become a vegan a few years later. Kelly started exercising regularly. She went on frequent hikes and focused on exercising and she lost those gained pounds again.

In an interview last year she revealed that once she learned to exercise and eating right, it was easy. She said that it is one of those things that you have to commit to a life change rather than just being on a diet.

kelly’s Weight Loss – An inspiration for all

In current times, it has been difficult for most of us to maintain a healthy routine. With restricted movements, people are becoming lethargic. And in such times when we see our favorite stars such as Kelly Osbourne so delicately working on their health, it serves as an inspiration for all.

We wish Kelly all the best! We hope she keeps inspiring us and hold on to her mantra of a good and healthy life.

Do let us know what do you think of Kelly’s weight loss in the comment section.

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