Destiny 2 Beyond Light – Past Is Prologue Trailer

The brand new trailer for Destiny 2, that was launched for the upcoming season by Bungie not only served as a recap for the past seasons of the game, highlighting the important aspects of the game and the progression of the storyline but also served as a teaser for the upcoming season as well as seasons to come in the next few years.

“Eyes up, Guardian” has become a catchphrase for all the followers of the game as the phrase was first spoken in the year 2014 and marked the beginning of the game where the protectors of the world i.e Guardians not only prevailed against a Son, a Conqueror, a King, an Emperor but also a God in their mission to protect the Light at all costs.

According to the new trailer of Destiny 2, it has a release date of September 22, 2020, and the new season of the series is available for pre-order now.

What’s new in the Destiny 2 season?

The new season of the game will not only introduce new players but also a new expansion. The new location in the game would be Europa, a frozen moon.

Beyond Light will feature Eramis who is seeking revenge, and it is up to the player to confront her empire and her before she gets to The Traveler. The game will not only take place on the surface of Europa but also will feature hidden secrets beneath the frozen grounds into the Deep Stone Crypt.

Destiny 2

A new feature for the characters in Destiny 2 includes the Guardians getting to wield Stasis which is supposed to be a new power, the expansion will also feature a new damage type which will add up with the previous Arc, Solar, and Void.

But the biggest thing that was unveiled with the new trailer was the release of the plans for the next two years by Bungie and not only the news of the new expansion was released but the names of the two are also given in the trailer which you can yourself check out below.

The news of the new expansions also comes with the fact that Bungie is going to go forward with Destiny 2 for a while and there will be no brand-new sequel for the game in the following years. 

What Is The Game About?

The first person shooter combat game was released by Bungie back in 2014, it features a whole universe which consists of various races. The game follows a group known as Guardians who are the protectors of the Light, which is their strongest weapon against the forces of evil and the many intergalactic enemies that they face.

Destiny 2 has a new trailer

The game not only involves a plethora of unique armor, gears, and weapons but also features a cinematic story which makes it a very unique experience that can be enjoyed alone or with your friends as the game also features a PvP mode.

Best of all the game is free to play.

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