Cursed review

Netflix’s latest release is an R-rated fantasy series, which premiered on July 17, 2020. It is based on the illustrated novel of the same name by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller.

Cursed is re-imagining the Arthurian legends, where it showcases the tale of a young teenager, Nimue. She is gifted with some mysterious gift and is supposed to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. The 10 episodes series shows a love story, war, medieval time land-quest (somewhat like GOT).

The Lady Of The Lake:

“There is a story lost to the mists of time. About the Sword of Power, and the young woman who wielded it. They called her a demon sorceress.”
Cursed review

The series commences with the female protagonist, Nimue (Katherine Langford, 13 Reasons Why). She was selected to be the next Summoner of the Hidden. The position involved her to protect her druid people by using her mysterious powers.

Instead, Nimue denies the role, naming it a curse. She bemoans her tribe for throwing her out, after a wicked encounter blemished her physically and mentally from childhood. Although she is headstrong and her mother is the priestess of the village. Nimue’s character is still exhibited as scary and indecisive at moments where she requires her headstrong personalities.

Nimue has a best friend Pym (Lily Newmark)

Who is never by her side, no matter what. Although we expected to see much of this duo’s bond, sadly that doesn’t happen.

Cursed does take some turns where it becomes difficult to catch up with the storyline. Just like when Nimue gets selected as a Summoner, it was pretty difficult to understand what the position was all about.

When Nimue and Pym head over to the docks they come across a thief, Arthur (Devon Terrell). Unlike the most characters in the series, Arthur has rare quirks which makes him stand out of the crowd. Apart from his sweet voice, he also has a good side which charms Nimue, setting up a love story. But the story still lacks some authentic moments which could have highlighted the magic sparks.

Merlin – The Sword Bearer?

Cursed review

Cursed is kind of a mythical show which features mysterious and magical characters. One of the mysterious characters is Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgard). When Nimue’s village is invaded by Red Paladins, magic-hating agents, she’s tasked with bringing the Sword of Power to Merlin. 

Merlin is one of those weird guys who hardly share anything with anyone. He keeps everything to himself and doesn’t trust even his king with secrets, defies authorities, and is the smartest of the lot.

The relationship of Merlin and Nimue is very deep. Just like everyone else, they also have their ups and downs. But Merlin is a man of his words for Nimue, he would give himself to anyone to keep the Fey (community) and Nimue safe.

Father Carden- The Evil In The Name Of Lord

Cursed review
Credits: Netflix

Red Paladins, the magic-hating agents who kill people atrociously work under Father Carden (Peter Mullan). He brings a perfect charisma to the character of a father who actually sees demons in the people of Fey. He orders the Red Paladins to kill them irrespective of gender and age. Peter brings out his acting skills and expresses his emotions and feelings with just his expressions rather than speaking.

A significant element of the series is a man from Carden’s crew- The Weeping Monk (Daniel Sharman). He is an unpredictable character and you just cannot figure out whether he’ll kill or when he’ll pardon. The Red Paladins is the horror that rules the series

The Conclusion: Cursed Review

Cursed review

To be honest, the first half of Cursed might bore you to sleep, since it’s quite slow. But in the second half, the storyline grips the entertainment and action-packed adventure.

The series ends with the loss of Nimue but nobody has a clue whether she’s actually dead or unconscious. This suspense definitely paves the way for season 2. 

Although the female protagonist isn’t strong maybe due to the actress’s acting or the lack of powerful storyline yet Cursed is worth watching. Even with some of its faults, the makers have managed to bring a stream worthy series. Cursed has also made its way to the top 10 on Netflix!

Cursed is streaming now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credits: Netflix

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