Comic-Con 2020 how to watch at home

comic con 2020
Image Credits: San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con is one of those rare events which everyone looks out for every year. But this year, COVID-19 spilled water on our plans. However, don’t worry since you can always count on Comic-Con 2020 and even a global pandemic can’t stop this pop-culture juggernaut. 

Comic-Con 2020: A Virtual Event

Every year Comic-Con, held yearly in San Diego, attracts over 130,000 attendees. However, this year, crowding won’t be an issue, as organizers were forced to move the convention online. The annual San Diego Comic-Con will be held virtually, through the online stream due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. You’ll enjoy every bit of San Diego’s International Comic-Con event because you won’t have to encounter long lines, hefty hotel prices and l overcrowded convention centres. The streaming is going to be free of cost. 

This year’s 50th-anniversary San Diego’s  Comic-Con will be the first [email protected] Soon after the original event was cancelled, organizers planned to move the event at-home, starting on July 22. The virtual convention already seems like an exciting affair, with onboard panels for The New Mutants, The Boys, and several Star Trek shows already announced. However, you won’t be getting anything big from some of the biggest production houses such as Marvel or DC.

How To Watch The Event

You will be able to catch up with Comic-Con, 2020 at exactly 9:00 AM PST on Wednesday, July 22 on which will become [email protected] On the website, you’ll be able to discover the Online Exhibit Halls, with approximately 700 exhibitors featured. On Youtube you’ll find over 350 planned panels and programs will be available alongside Gaming activities planned for Discord. In addition, The Comic-Con Museum will also offer interactive content. Official merchandise will be available through the Merch store page on the Comic-Con website. 

On IGN, you’ll find 34 [email protected] panels, while the Comic-Con Art Show and Masquerade will be held on Tumblr. If you’re planning to catch up with films and anime, then you can view them through the Scener Watch Party Platform, a Chrome plug-in where fans can watch and discuss. Outside activations will also have a place, thanks to FX and some of its shows. Finally, the annual “World Builders” activity will also be available virtually.

Comic-Con 2020: Conclusion

Just like any other event, virtual Comic-Con will also have its own pros and cons. If the event turns out to be a huge success then, the organizers might even host a hybrid event. Both online and in-person San Diego Comic-Con in the future. Earlier, the Comic-Con was only accessible by those who could afford high prices.

Ever since the organizers have agreed to move to a new online format it might open doors to a new audience. The new format could convert potential fans into attending the event in San Diego in future leading to a higher crowd.

So if you’re one of those nerds who haven’t seen the event, now is the best time to catch up from the comfort of your couch.

Featured Image Credits: San Diego Comic-Con

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