Clueless Reboot- Release date, plot, cast, trailer and more

We all wanted to be the queen high school just like Cher Horowitz. She always knew her way out of all the troubles. Clueless made us love Cher Horowitz even more. This movie was first released in 1996, one of the best high school movies. There was also a series called clueless that had been a great success too.

If you are a fan of ‘clueless’ the movie, we have got you covered. Yes, there is hope for a ‘Clueless Reboot’. This report was according to “Deadlines”. It is also said that this movie will be produced through CBS TV studios. American Gothic’s Corinne Brinkerhoff is said to be producing this movie.


The plot of ‘Clueless reboot’

We have all loved teenage kind of movies and one of which was ‘Clueless’. The plot of this movie is still unclear, but it is believed that this movie would revolve around the life of Dionne Davenport. This character is known to be a girly character. This was played by Stacy Dash originally. Cher and Dionne are high school best friends. Cher is known for her popularity and beauty. While Dionne is known as Cher’s Best friend. The plot goes by when Cher disappears. Cher is known as the high school queen as well as a social butterfly. What happens when this queen disappears?

As the plot says the movie will be revolving around the life of Dionne. So, probably we might get to see if she turns out to be the new high school queen, or will Cher return? The plot is still unclear, but as of now we just got a rough glance of what this movie that is ‘Clueless reboot’ is going to look like. Is Dionne going to keep the title of high school queen as well as takeover Cher’s share? Or will she go to find her best friend?

The cast of ‘Clueless reboot’

Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey are the writers of this movie. As we know Amy Heckerling was a part of ‘Clueless’ along with Paul Rudd. The cast of this movie is still unrevealed. But everyone is hoping for a great team to work with. The original clueless caste was a great choice as well as they exhibited their roles quite beautifully. 

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Let’s hope we get some amazing caste that would play their roles in ‘Clueless reboot’ and refresh our memories back from the 1996s.

‘Clueless reboot’ release date :

The release of ‘Clueless Reboot’ has still not been announced. The report says that there was just an announcement that there will be a new movie called ‘Clueless Reboot’. Since the shoot has also not begun, we cant hope for a release date anytime sooner. 

The trailer of ‘Clueless Reboot’ :

No trailer has been out until now. The announcement regarding ‘Clueless Reboot’ was announced through “Deadlines” just a few days back. this means that they have not yet begun with the shoot. But we are hoping that we will get to see this new movie by the end of 2021.

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