Check out Kim Kardashian’s Go-To House Exercise Devices as shared by her Fitness Instructor

Are you Keeping up with the Kardashians! Especially our Kim and her exercise routines! If you are clueless, don’t worry, we got your back!

With the pandemic forcing gyms to be closed and restricting people’s movements outside their house, it’s getting difficult to keep up with one’s physical fitness. This may result in various health-related problems as our immune system might weaken in these difficult times. If we want our immune systems strong, we got to move our muscles, train them, and eat the right food.     

We bring to you fitness guru, Melissa Alcantara, the fitness instructor of Kim Kardashian! She divulges that Kim has a love/hate relationship with her home workouts. She is apprehensive of anything that involves jumping but she does know that it’s the most effective way and she gets it done.

According to Alcantara, your own body, gravity, and training bands are some of the most underrated house exercise devices. With these easily available at home, all you need is focus, planning, and consistency.

Let’s not waste any more time and get moving (or should I say jumping).

For Your Glutes

  1. Body weight Plyo Sumo Squats which should be done 4 (sets) x 30 (reps)

Bring your chest out, core engaged and make sure to keep your back and neck aligned and straight. Inhale as you go down in this position and exhale to power up your jump upwards. Use your core to control your jumps and land softly on your feet. You need to come down 1 inch past parallel with the floor to get the most engagement in your glutes.

2. Lateral Band Squat walk which should be done 4(sets) x 20(reps)

Get into the squat position and move sideways one leg at a time, back and forth.

3. Glute Ham Raises which should be done 4(sets)  x 8-12(reps)

Use something heavy (dumbbell, bench , couch, etc) to hold your feet firmly and prevent them for lifting up. Get on your knees, bring your chest out and use your core to control your movement on the way down. Exhale on your way up while squeezing your glutes and inner thighs together.

For your Abs- Kim Kardashian Fitness Plan

  1. Lying Straight Leg Lifts which should be done 4(sets) x 20(reps)

Hold a dumbbell and press your lower back flat onto the floor. Exhale as you bring your legs upto 90 degrees. While inhaling control your movement down. Right before your feet touch the floor, go right up. This is integral for Kim Kardashian and her fitness and thus had to be part of this list!

2. Band Rope Crunches which should be done 4(sets) x 30(reps)

Use a resistance band by attaching it to steady anchor or bar. Starting from your knees, exhale as you move down while slightly rounding your upper back and keeping your lower back and abs pressed towards each other. Allow your abs to stretch while going back up. Go back down before you are completely at 90 degrees on your knees.

3. V-ab Crunch which should be done 4(sets) x 20(reps)

Sit down on the floor and bend your knees to about 60 degrees. Start leaning back with your chest out until your abs start engaging. Lift your feet off the floor and open your abs and exhale and drive your elbows toward your knees forming a V in the process. Exhale on the crunch and inhale when you open back up. Another essential go-to fitness exercise, Kim Kardashian and workouts will leave you feeling exhausted!


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