BTS Jimin Offers $84,000 In Donation As Scholarships For Needy Students

BTS member Park Jimin made the headlines once again after he made a charitable donation to the education development board. It’s not surprising that our mochi Jimin is often called an angel by his fans.

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After BTS’ partnership with UNICEF, they have been spreading positivity all around the globe with their humble and charitable contributions. It’s common to find the members occasionally donating to charities and recently it was Jimin who did so.

The 24-year-old artist always manages to steal the fans aka ARMY’s hearts with his charismatic onstage persona. Besides his unworldly charisma, his sweet and kind personality is also the reason for him being ARMYs heartthrob.

This is not the first time that Jimin has been a kind soul to the needy. His generosity is evident from the contributions he frequently made to the education department particularly Busan’s.

On the 24th of August, The Jeonnam Office of Education shared that the K-pop idol had donated 100 million won i.e. $84,076 approximately to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation of South Jeolla Province also known as Jeonnam province.

It was Jimin’s father, in fact, who delivered the 100 million Won on his son’s behalf to the chairman of the Jeonnam foundation, Jang Seok Woong.

Mr. Jang Seok Woong gave his word to use the donation thoughtfully and solely for the betterment of students and their education in the said province.

The Jeonnam Office of Education also planned to position Jimin into the Education Hall of Fame as a Contributor for his generous contribution to the development of Education.

Besides this let’s take a look at the artist’s earlier charities as well..

Donations by Jimin In 2020

Jimin made donations earlier this year on February 9th to replace all the desks at his alma mater Busan Arts High School.

In 2019

Jimin donated around $88,000 USD in April to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. Around $26,000 USD of which went to his old high school whereas the rest was split across other schools in the city.

BTS Jimin Donation In 2018

Jimin personally contributed to his elementary school, Hoedong Elementary School. The donation paid off every student’s school uniform cost who graduated before the school shut down. He also gave out signed music CDs to the graduating students that year. Jimin had donated earlier in 2016 and 2017 as well after initially learning that the school had plans for closure.

BTS Jimin gives out signed music CDs to graduating students from his elementary school.
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BTS member Jimin has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Ever since they made their way to the Billboards, their popularity skyrocketed to a global level. They are now one of the most popular pop icons and the most popular K-pop band in history.

The boys have a really good reputation both among fans and media owing to their grounded personality. They’ve influenced the world not only with music but also with their humble attitude. They have taken over the world at a pace that’s hard to describe. No wonder they are always in ARMYs hearts. Let’s hope they keep up their good work and continue to spread happy vibes in the world.

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