Brandy And Monica to Reunite In Verzuz Battle. Know All The Details Here!

We can’t keep calm! The Grammy Award-winning duo, Brandy and Monica are reuniting and will have a face-off battle on 31st August at 8 pm EDT for a performance on Apple Music and on the official Verzuz TV Instagram account.

Brandy, in an Instagram announcement, called the event History. She then thanked Monica and the streaming platform to make this event happen. Monica commented that it is an honor to perform with Brandy.

Monica further added that celebrating these catalogs is for the culture with love. From young women to adult women we have been with you all. So name the songs you love.

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Credit – Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

Brandy and Monica rose to fame in the 1990s as teenagers. Amid rumors of a feud, the duo debuted with the hit, The Boy Is Mine. The performance went on to win the best R&B performance by a duo at the Grammy in the year 1999.

Brandy returned to music after a break of eight years. She entered with a 15 track album, B7. She said that she has completely evolved as a human being and as a human. Brandy said that growing up in this business and going through life, she felt like a very solid person. She said that she knows a lot and then again she doesn’t know a lot.

Fan’s Reactions

Fans are going crazy about the Verzuz battle between Brandy and Monica. For years fans kept asking who “the boy” belongs to referring to their hit performance, The Boy Is Mine. Stars like Missy Elliot, Swizz Beatz, and Ty Dolla are celebrating the face-off. They are even weighing down on the songs they would like the duo to perform.

Actress Angelica Ross commented that she loved Brandy and Monica and let’s celebrate. Another fan commented that they definitely need to perform on The Boy Is Mine and It Belongs To Me. Yet another fan added that this is about to be an epic celebration.

The Feud Between Brandy And Monica

Brandy and Monica reunited in the year 2012 to record their follow up single, It All Belongs to Me. It is a female empowerment anthem. Three years later Monica clarified that there was never really a feud between them. It was all brilliant marketing behind the track’s drama that has kept everyone asking about it for years.

The producer of The Boy Is Mine, Dallas Austin, discussed an incident where Monica punched Brandy in the face. This happened backstage before their performance in 1998 Video Music Awards. This meant that even though there was no feud over a man, there also was no friendship between women at that time. Brandy has also been accused of taking jibes at Monica over the years.

Brandy took to the stage in 2018 and sung a new version of their hit song called The Song Is Mine.

Things seem to have cooled down in recent years. Hopefully the Verzuz battle is proof that the queen have left the past where it belongs.

Are you excited for the epic battle too? Do sound us your views on the battle in the comments section below.

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