Times Billie Eilish Rocked Green Hair and How You Can Get It Done Too

Billie Eilish with her edgy green hair has fans enchanted with her public appearances. Billie Eilish – the icon of new-age pop culture, is a singer who has achieved so much at such a young age! A creative inspiration, as many call her. However, along with her absolutely riveting music, her style too has come under the spotlight a lot. From breaking stereotypes by wearing clothes of her choice (baggy) to unconventional and bright hair color, the 17-year-old has done it all.

Billie Eilish green hair
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Billie Eilish had the most iconic look when she absolutely slayed the green hair colour! (my personal favourite as well). This bold choice of colour clearly shows the world her creative preferences giving out the creepy-cool vibe just like her music and her deep individuality.


Although the singer started out with rather pale hair colors like silver and a light ombre of turquoise blue, over time she has become more and more confident with darker, brighter colors such as dark blue, pink, and our all-time favorite green! Though some speculate that her hair color is a representation of how she feels. Or at times it is also thought that her hair is usually new every time an album of hers launches. Maybe, her hair too could be involved in PR activities!

Stunning Seafoam Green


This color matched the color of her eyes perfectly! It seemed like the perfect case of a complementary accessory! This hair experimentation occurred in 2018 where Eilish was actually trying to get rid of her blue hair and ended up with this intermediate but absolutely precious color. Also, it’s the perfect shade of green; that seawater color which is soothing yet edgy. If you decide to go for this hair color, do have a good chat with your hair colorist to know how the color will eventually look.

When Billie Eilish Sported A Neon Green Hairstyle

Billie Eilish's mullet haircut was the result of a bad dye job - Insider

This is an absolute CLASSIC BILLIE EILISH move. Most of us would never have gone for such a color, though Billie Eilish rocked this green hair look! Billie Eilish dyed her roots green and had black hair at the ends – a piece of art no doubt. A perfect color to shoo away lockdown blues too! The picture shows the most circulated photo of Billie Eilish rocking green hair. She paired the new dye job with several bright green outfits, like the top she’s wearing here from her Freak City clothing collab.

This hairstyle was first introduced to the world in the summer of 2019. Eilish stepped out with a mullet-like shag and later explained that it was the result of her hair being burnt off after a dye job gone wrong, and not a purposeful cut. While walking the red carpet on Saturday, Billie Eilish made headlines for rocking what appeared to be a new mullet hairdo. Fans first noticed the singer’s hair on Tuesday, when she appeared at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles.  

“All your fans are loving the mullet, are you gonna start a trend now?” the TMZ reporter asked her. 

“Mullet? What you mean, mullet?” Eilish replied, clearly confused. 

“That’s what the say, the mullet!” the TMZ reporter told her. 

“That’s so mean!” Eilish said as she laughed. 

“No, listen. You know what happened? Somebody dyed my hair and they burned half of it,” she then revealed. “So now it looks like a mullet. That s— is not on purpose though.” 

Neon Green Look – 2020

Billie Eilish green hair
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Eilish returned to her bright-green roots for the 2020 Grammys — and they looked brighter than ever.

Later in July, she shared a video highlighting her newest version of the green roots on her Instagram, which got fans excited! Taking to Instagram stories on July 3rd, Billie shared a short video of her listening to ‘Housewife’ by Dr. Dre and showing off her brand new green hair. At first glance, it looks as though she may have just dyed the top of hair green but she moves it round to reveal that she’s dyed her roots. In other words, her trademark cobalt blue hair is still visible but she’s updated it with some green flavor.

Naturally, fans were excited. Ever since Billie posted the video, people have been taking to social media to praise her latest look. One fan tweeted: “the new hair has me 𝓸𝓫𝓼𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭 look at her omfg”. Meanwhile, another admirer wrote: “did u guys saw billie eilish new hair color danggggggg!!!!! neon is lit”. Neon is lit. We’re not sure anyone could pull it off like Billie!

How Can You Get It Too?

 Sarah Black, the color expert at Linton & Mac (and double nominee for 2019’s Most Wanted and The It List awards!), has been sporting a neon green bob for a LONG TIME.

“I’ve been noticing a DIY culture that’s happening more specifically within the music industry. Billie Eilish is definitely right there working that trend!” she says. “Her latest neon root moment is a grungier version of a bleach and tone face frame. I don’t think my clients will be begging for this root look but it will definitely influence some colour experimentation!”


When it comes to creating neon bases, she stresses the importance of prep – it’s certainly not a snap decision to make! Though most of us end up getting a neon green hair-do only as a snap decision. “The key to a good neon, especially green, is a perfect clean base – too much underlying yellow and you’re changing the tone of green entirely.”

For Sarah’s own locks, she’s constantly tweaking and changing her colour formulas. “I have fun playing with my green by changing up the formula each time,” she explains. “Crazy Color Lime Twist and Crazy Color Toxic UV have been my go-to true neon greens, and currently I’m having more of a ‘tennis ball green’ moment mixing Directions Fluorescent Glow and Bleach London Slime Light.

“And most surprising thing is that the maintenance is super low, so you can still rock a bold vivid without frequent top ups!”

Now that we have the tips of celebrity hair stylists.

Here is a short manual on how to get a green hair dye like Billie Eilish

We know its quarantine time and only DIYS are our go to! So, enjoy! (Via blog.overtone.co)

1) For maximum neon color, start with bleached blonde roots.

2) Combine Vibrant Green Coloring Conditioner and Neon Yellow Coloring Conditioner in a 1:1 ratio.

3) Apply to root area, making sure to saturate evenly. Leave in for 10- 15 minutes.

4) Wash out with warm or hot water.

If you are interested, this video may help! You can thank me later!

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