Billie Eilish: Childhood, Rise To Fame, Career, Net Worth 2020, and More

Billie Eilish is a 19-year American singer and a songwriter. She gained her popularity back in 2015 for the song ‘Ocean Eyes’. This song was written by her brother. The brother-sister duo often performs live together. Billie Eilish plays instruments such as the piano, Ukulele, and many others. In just a few years her songs reached atop Billboard charts. Billie Eilish has won many awards. She gained popularity at a very young age.

Today we bring about everything you must know about Billie Eilish, ranging from her net worth in 2020, childhood, rise to fame to career and more.

billie Eilish net worth in 2020
18-year-old Billie Eilish. Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Billie Eilish Childhood and Early Life

She was born in 2001 in Los Angeles, California. Her family comprises singers, musicians as well as actors. Billie’s parents were both singers and songwriters. Her mother Maggie and father Patrick used to play music, sing and write songs most of the time. Her older brother was the one who inspired her. She saw Finneas O’Connell her elder brother having a passion for music. He was an actor, songwriter, musician, as well as a producer.

Billie Eilish was homeschooled. In the meanwhile, her mother used to teach her and her brother to write songs and added to their musical flair. The brother-sister used to write their own songs as well as play music all the time. They performed live in many shows. Their parents supported them no matter what. Billie wrote her first song at the age of 11. The song was inspired by the popular series ‘The Walking Dead’. Along with this, Billie Eilish has also given auditions for acting. She was a part of  ‘Diary of a Wimpy kid’, ‘X-men series’, and few others. She was never able to play a huge role. In all the series/shows she acted in she was just an extra. She was either a part of a crowd or did other small roles.

Billie Eilish career

Billie EIlish net worth in 2020
(Picture: Vincent Haycock / Telekom Electronic Beats)

She first gained fame back in 2015 when she released her song ‘Ocean eyes’. This song was written by her brother Finneas. They had recorded the song and passed on to her dance teacher so that this song could be a part of their routine. “Ocean Eyes’ was then uploaded on ‘SoundCloud’ in 2016.  The song received many views and likes.  She hit over 10 million likes within just a couple of days.

Soon after so many views, many labels came around to her asking to buy her song. It was the first officially released worldwide by a recording studio named ‘Darkroom and Interscope Records’. This release was a huge success. She had also released two singles named ‘My Boy’, and ‘Idontwannabeyouanymore’. This was her release in 2016. In 2017 she released the EP. In 2018 Billie released ‘Bitches Broken Hearts’, and ‘You should see me in a crown’. Other than these she has released many albums and singles.

Personal life:

Billie Eilish net worth in 2020
Photographed by Jesse Lizotte, styled by Jillian Davison, Vogue Australia, July 2019

Billie Eilish is quite unique. Her personal style as well as the way she expresses herself has been praised by many and is loved by her fans. She believes that no one should be judged. Billie likes to portray the frame of an empowered woman.

Billie Eilish Net worth in 2020:

Billie Eilish has a net worth of about 56 million dollar in 2020.


Billie has won various awards. She was also nominated for the American Music Awards. along with this, she has also won an Apple Music Award . In fact, Billie grabbed 5 awards at the Grammy’s as well.

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