Best shows and movies on Netflix this week

Netflix just keeps on winning. After adding more than 10 million new subscribers to its base in this lockdown, Netflix has shown no signs of resting on its laurels. Therefore, it keeps on adding more and more shows to its already impressive catalogue. However, the problem of having too many choices is a real one. Therefore, we have come up with a list that will keep you updated with everything new that is on Netflix this week- The best shows and movies on Netflix.

This week, Netflix is bringing some big-hitters to its catalogue. There are highly awaited Netflix originals on offer. Moreover, highly rated movies and documentaries will make their way to Netflix on the licensed front. Read below to find out the best shows and movies on Netflix this week-

1- Netflix Originals

There are three Netflix originals making their way to the streaming service this week. Furthermore, each one offers a different genre. Therefore, the fans will have the option to choose from three unique entries.

a) The Business of Drugs

best shows and movies on netflix this week

This is a six episode documentary-cum-miniseries. The Netflix original details how the addiction to drugs pushes the people into a downward spiral. Former CIA officer Amaryllis Fox is at the front and center of the series. Therefore, a qualified mind will be seen going into the depths of a dangerous addiction. Moreover, the illegal business that goes on about procuring these drugs will be investigated. The economics of six drugs, namely- cocaine, synthetics, heroin, meth, cannabis, and opioids will be seen.

b) Fatal Affair

Psychological thriller dramas, if done correctly, can be the most binge-able watched content on the screen. Fatal Affair looks like the next in line to the psychological thriller drama throne. It follows the journey of Ellie (Nia Long), who is a lawyer wanting to repair her relationship with her husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop). However, a chance encounter with an old friend, David (Omar Epps), makes things dangerous and unstable. A highly intriguing tale that is essential to our list of best shows and movies on Netflix.

c) Cursed

Best shows and movies on netflix this week

13 Reasons Why fame Katherine Langford is back with a bang in this one. Cursed is a fantasy drama series based upon the illustrated novel of the same name. Nimue (Katherine Langford) is a young woman with a mysterious gift. She is destined to become the “Lady of the Lake”. However, that title brings with itself tragedy as well as power. In her quest to do so, she has to face various obstacles. After her mother’s death, she finds the help of Arthur (Devon Terrell) in her quest to find Merlin and deliver an ancient sword.

2- Licensed Content coming to Netflix

a) The Last Dance

Best shows and movies on netflix this week

This highly popular ESPN documentary chronicles the journey of Michael Jordan as he embarks on the path to winning the 6th championship with his team, the Chicago Bulls. The 8-episode series takes the viewers deep into the psyche of arguably the greatest athlete of all time. Another great pick, as this one of the best shows and movies on Netflix.

b) The Notebook

This one is for romance buffs. Widely regarded as one of the greatest romantic movies of all time, this movie, based upon a novel of the same name, has become a classic over the years. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams steal the show in this one.

c) Pride and Prejudice

Best shows and movies on netflix this week

Talking about classics, it doesn’t get much better than Pride and Prejudice. Directed by Joe Wright, this movie is a classic based upon the novel by Jane Austen of the same name. Moreover, this movie stood up to its name by bagging numerous awards upon its release in 2005.

Furthermore, there are two Nigerian movies scheduled to arrive on Netflix this week. Therefore, for fans of international cinema, Sylvia and The Millions, will be a treat. This was our list of the best shows and movies on Netflix this week, hope you found your pick!

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