Best New Shows and Movies To stream on Netflix This Week

Netflix continues to add to its humongous collection of shows and movies. With many entries due to arrive on Netflix this week, it is harder than ever to skim through the content to find the one you like. Therefore, we have curated a list of Top 5 Shows and Movies to stream on Netflix this week.

Best Shows On Netflix This Week

1- Dark (Season 3)

Best new Shows On netflix This Week

This mind bending German series will finish with its third and final season to come on July 27th. Although it started off as a niche show, it has gained huge following since. Watch this show if you like mind-bending thriller/horror/sci-fi. Also, watch this just for the novel concept and terrific acting performances.

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2- Deadwind (Season 2)

Best new Shows On netflix This week

And the foreign masterpieces just keep coming! This Finnish crime show is a dark take on the “detective investigates a murder” trope. Watch this for the Nordic vibes, compelling character development and and beautiful cinematography which makes you fall right in the middle of things in Finland.

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3- Warrior Nun (Season 1)

Best new Shows On netflix This week

Comic book adaptations, anyone? After many successful comic book adaptations on the big screen, Warrior Nun figures to be the next in line. Created by Simon Barry, it shows the journey of a woman who wakes up in a morgue with inexplicable powers. The show will arrive on Netflix on July 2nd and is already eagerly awaited.

Check it out exclusively on Netflix on July 2nd.

4- Kingdom (Season 1-3)

Best new Shows On netflix This Week

From Netflix originals, we move to the classics. This show ran from 2014-17 and received rave reviews. Therefore, it will now receive the audience it deserves when it comes to Netflix on July 1st. It shows the journey of a retired MMA fighter struggling to make ends meet while remaining connected with his family. Therefore, it is one to watch for drama lovers.

Check it out on Netflix on July 1st.

5- Abby Hatcher (Season 1)

Best new SHows on Netflix this week

Here’s one for the kids! This 32 episode drama series hits the Netflix screens on July 1st. Follow the adventures of Abby Hatcher as she, along with her fuzzy friends, helps the people around her in just a feel-good children’s series. Therefore, it is the ideal mix of learning and fun for your kid.

Check it out on Netflix on July 1st.


1- Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Will Ferrell rarely disappoints when it comes to comedy movies and here he is back with another one. Combine the underdog story of two small-town singers dreaming of winning the biggest singing competition, hilarity is bound to ensue. Rachel McAdams and Pierce Brosnan round up a fine cast with Demi Lovato making an appearance. It comes to Netflix on June 26.

2- Home Game

Had enough of the usual documentaries on baseball, football or basketball? Netflix brings out this documentary on some of the world’s weirdest sports. Howe about a peek into the world of “Voodoo Wrestling” in Congo? If that arises your interest, check out this eight-episode documentary on Netflix streaming from June 26.

3- I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry

After a new release of Will Ferrell, we go back to the basics with this one. This Adam Sandler and Kevin James starring rom-com had a good few laughs and was widely praised by the fans upon its release in 2007. The movie now comes to Netflix on July 1st. This one is definitely worth a watch!

4- Million Dollar Baby

This Hilary Swank movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, won the Academy Award for the Best Picture after its release in 2004. It has a masterful acting performance by both Eastwood and Swank as their characters form a close bond in the backdrop of boxing training. Definitely give this a watch not just for the awards it won, but to see peak acting performances. It comes to Netflix on July 1st.

5- Schindler’s List

We have to end the list with a bigshot and there are not many bigger than this Steven Spielberg movie which won seven Oscars! It stars Liam Neeson as a member of Nazi German party seeking to save his Jewish employees from persecution. The movie was released in 1993 and maintains its appeal to this day. Undoubtedly, it will become one of the top movies on Netflix as soon as it arrives there on July 1st.

So, this was our list! There are some real gems coming on the streaming platform in the next week. Some are well-known classics, some are hipster’s favorites, but one thing that they all have in common is that they are absolute quality! Give your suggestions in the comments below if you think we missed a big one!

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