Battlefield 6: Everything We Know About the Game

battlefield 6

With a release scheduled for the next year, Battlefield 6 is currently in the works of being launched by DICE. All that gamers anticipate for now is that they know from the light play videos and teasers that DICE has dropped so far. The first-person battle themed play is next to be released by DICE with its first-person shooting setting default in the long-running series. With market releases for Xbox Series X and for PS5 confirmed, DICE is already picking up market for the game, and honestly, we can’t wait to be playing the game already.

Here, we have laid out all that we know of the anticipated game from release dates to possible game settings, all available platforms for launching, and the EA Play footage of gameplay that we were given a teaser look of earlier in the year. DICE has been keeping it on the low with details of the project trickling out at a slow pace. It is anticipated that we will get a peek into more details in the coming months, but for now, here is all the information that we have on Battlefield 6.

When Is the Release Date?

Battlefield 6 has been revealed to be released by 2021. DICE had divulged to the Electronic Arts of their plans to release the project earliest by next year, and that they have been focusing on the plans for the upcoming game to indulge players. We do not have an official name yet, of course, so we are all calling it “Battlefield 6”, but whatever the name that is going to be given, this game has soon climbed the ranks among one of the anticipated projects among players.

Having already experienced a pattern with the release of the previous five games being released once every two years at least, players would not be surprised to hear that next year too might bring a late year release as always, placing the release to be sometime around October. Side projects within the series have been released around the Spring time previously with titles such as Battlefield: Hardline. But we are expecting DICE to put in time for development to ensure a well-designed title as the first next-gen installation that has players on the edge of their seats.

The Launch Platforms Announced: Xbox Series X, PS5, PC

Targeting the latest innovations that platforms of the next-gen will be initiating, DICE has been in the plans of developing gaming options that will tap into these innovations. The EA had followed up with GameSpot in its statement with the announcement that pushed players to believe that it would be the Xbox Series X and PS5 that the title will run on, and now PC has been added to the list.

Battlefield 6 has mostly sparked interest among players because of its intentions of an ambitious title to add to the series. Making use of the next-gen enables, it has set itself to work upon the kind of development that do justice to these platforms and will increase player immersion by a large percent.

We have no word on whether the present-gen consoles of Xbox One and PS4 will have the pleasure of meeting the title. But with DICE’s anticipated plan of making full use of the two innovative platforms from Sony and Microsoft has left us wondering if it is even in DICE’s plans to consider a release throughout console generations.

While you may think that this would cut down player audience by a large number, EA has come forward with its inviting statement of free upgrade availability for console compatibility. Previously, Battlefield 4 was allowed a release across console generations back in 2013, but whether the same will follow now with Battlefield 6 or if we will have other options of access, is yet to be seen.

The Upgraded Battlefield

As a tease for players, the EA Play early in the year had introduced DICE upcoming project at its event. Promising a grand sequel installation in the Battlefield series, EA had promised audience that the scale of the oncoming project was much too big to look forward to and nothing like DICE had ever presented before.

Of course, the event displayed preview clips of the behind-the-scene footages from the Battlefield 6 project that allowed us a peek at the fresh animation of 3D facial tech, with a clip an army of soldiers charging to battle. Even if all we got was a look at the animation tech in progress, it was enough to imply the heavy ambitions that the project seems to promise.

Storylines and Settings

We have no idea of the plotlines or the settings for the upcoming Battlefield 6 project. DICE has previously worked with the World Wars for two of the titles in the series. There has been no reveal on potential war settings but experienced players think that with the current gaming trends centring around today’s settings as set by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there is a possibility of these being the chosen settings.

The Bad Company of 2010 Battlefield’s installation continues to top the best category for Battlefield titles among most players. What DICE has in the works now with the help of the next-gen platforms is to present a gaming and console experience that will send the game flying to the top of most gamers’ lists.

Gameplay Reveal

Source: Apollo432’s YT channel

Looking at a potential Holiday release towards the end of next years, and talks of development plans still in the process, the gameplay footages for the game will probably not be released anytime soon. With a marketing pattern of picking up pace just a months before release, DICE will show any new footage to its players sometime only next year.

The previous addition to the series was not a popular one. With some players renouncing the series altogether, DICE has been hopeful that with its next grand addition, it can hopefully regain its gaming market to ride well into the next couple of years after release.

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