Barkskins- A Nat Geo Series

National Geographic launched a new drama series known as BArkskins, the American television series shares the name of the novel, by Annie Proulx that, the story is based on the novel itself.

The show had its premiere on Nat Geo, on the 25th of May, 2020. The limit series which consists of only 8 parts is based on the best selling novel and was created for Netflix by Elwood Reid.


The story takes the viewer back to the 17th century, in New France, now Quebec, the reality of the new settler is threatened to be torn apart as a mysterious massacre takes palace.

The story is based on the fight between civilization and commerce on the new frontier as the new settlers who dreamt of making a home out of a new place on the American continent have to fight not only for a place but also for their survival.

Barkskins is the chronicle of a new world where the arrival of Europeans amongst the civilizations result in a new era, the story follows two migrants from France, Charles Duquet and Rene Sel and their descendants as they follow into their occupation as wood-cutters.

Cast of Barkskins

The series follows a lot of characters including the main characters of Rene Sel played by Christian Cooke and Charles Duquet plate by James Bloor.

The cast also has some supporting characters such as Monsieur Claude Trepagny (David Thewlis), Delphine (Lily Sullivan), and Melissande (Tallulah Haddon).

Other members of the cast also include Marcia Gay Harden, Kaniehtiio Horn, Aneurin Barnard, Thomas M. Wright, David Wilmot, and Zahn McClarnon.

Plot of Barkskins

Based on the book by Annie Proulx which came out in 2016, the Nat geo drama known as Barkskins is about the wild frontier in the New Wolrd wherein 1963 a group of colonists living there is massacred for a mysterious reason by the Iroquois, the massacre happens in the French territories settlement.

Three wakes later to the Massacre René Sel and Charles Duquet arrive at work as indentured labour in the business of tree cutters or also known as barkskins, the duo arrives in Wobik.

The duo lives on the land of a wealthy farmer by the name of Monsieur Claude Trepagny who lives with a Mi’kmaq woman by the name of Mari who is also bearing the child of the farmer. The tree cutters are employed by the farmer under a contract.

New arrivals in the area also include the two women Melissande and Delphine who are know as the “Filles Du Roi” the daughters of the king, the women are preparing to choose men to marry and use them to help in building the population of the colony.

As all the new settlers in the area get on with their new lives, the tensions between the English and the French grow as they fear for another massacre by the Iroquois which is highly likely, the hard-working people continue with their work so they could capitalize on the new land and all the natural riches that it has to offer.

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