Baldur’s Gate 3: All About It

Baldur’s Gate III is a new game developed for the Stadia streaming service and Microsoft Windows, the game is published and developed by Larian Studios.

The role-playing game is supposed to the third installment in the Baldur’s Gate series which takes its inspiration from the famous Dungeons & Dragons and also borrows from its role-playing system.

New Trailer

There is quite some time for the release of the game, the game was first announced in the 2019 E3 festivities, and even if the E3 this year is canceled its only right that we get a new trailer on the RPG that is highly anticipated in the gaming community.

The trailer was released on Friday, May 29, ahead of which the official twitter handle of Larian games announced the teaser, the teaser which only consists of 40 seconds of footage doesn’t have a quite lot to show but the noticeable things were the environmental hazards, there was also the Mushroom Kingdom which was different than the usual kind and also include a lot of spells that were flashy and creative.

What to Expect from Baldur’s Gate 3?

The video reveals some pother information into the game and how is it going to be the best thing for all the Dungeons and Dragons fans all around the world.

The video shows that the adventure of the games will take the player to the Underdark where evil dwarves and elves reside and it is also filled up with the chasms and caverns.

Though the video mostly showed the characters on the surface of the world of the Forgotten Realms, it is up to speculations as to how would the character reach the Underdark and how is it going to turn out, although it is said that it is always easier to et into the Underdark then come out of it.

WHats happening moving ahead?

With the world in lockdown and E3 canceled, Larian studios have said that they have plans to reveal various info about the much-anticipated game, starting from June 6, the Guerrilla event will be where the studios will share information about the Baldur’s Gate 3.

What do we know about Baldur’s Gate 3?

As of yet except the trailer of the game, there is none information as to where the game is heading and when it will release and what will we see in the game, the trailer showed bits and pieces of new things to come such as the Mage hand kicking someone off a cliff while in the game it is only possible for the powered-up Mage hand to push off something of 10 pounds or less.

What we know about the game that it will have its set of villains and heroes in Illithid and Githyanki respectively, also the game will be set on the Fifth Edition of the ruleset of the D&D game as told by the Larian Studios.

The game is highly anticipated and the amount of heat the teaser alone stirred up, the month of June is gonna bean uplifting month for the fans of the game during these trying times.

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