Archer season 11- What we know about it so far

Archer Season 11 release date, cast, plot and latest news
Archer Season 11 has no confirmed premier date yet

As the threat of Coronavirus looms large all over the world, the showbiz industry has been one of the hardest hit. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the premier of Archer Season 11 will go through a delay in release date this year.

Coronavirus strikes the show

FX Networks recently said in a statement that the animated comedy’s eleventh season has been pushed back indefinitely. The full statement read as follows-

“Due to production challenges and scheduling issues, season 11 of FXX’s Emmy award-winning animated comedy series “Archer” will no longer premiere on May 6th. FX will shift the premiere date to later this year.”

However, it has been nearly two months since the statement and no further details have started creeping out. Therefore, it is unlikely that the new season comes before September at the earliest. Moreover, the second wave of Coronavirus has already struck the United States. Therefore, it will be difficult to make any assumptions regarding a possible date of resumption.

In such an uncertain time, it is not an extraordinary decision by the showrunners. Many production houses have made changes to their programming schedules. While some have pushed back release dates like Archer, others have had seasons cut short or dropped altogether. However, that is unlikely to happen to Archer as it has been such a well-received show.

What’s in store for Season 11?

Archer will be back to a spy drama for Season 11. Therefore, fans can look forward to the spy mysteries that made Archer what it is today. Chris Parnell, the voice behind Cyril has this to say-

“Season 11 will show an interesting progression for Cyril. Because of Archer having been in a coma, we see how the group has flourished in the absence of Archer and that becomes a big part of the season and the early episodes, Archer coping with that. We see Cyril excel in a way we generally haven’t generally up until now so that was fun to go to that.”

“Back into the spy game and back into the normal, basic Archer scenarios,” according to Parnell.

Moreover, Executive Producer Matt Thompson echoed a similar sentiment in an interview with EW-

“The personalities and situation of the office has changed. We’re definitely back to doing spy missions. But the roles and people’s personalities have changed. What’s also different is Archer is physically and mentally not what he was. He’s been in a bed for three years. His muscles have atrophied to the point where he can’t even walk that well… The main thing is Archer and how lost he is. He feels everyone has left him behind. The only person who seems to give a f— is Pam, and she’s like, ‘Hey, buddy, let’s go get a drink, I still love you.’

“But everybody else treats him like an afterthought, he’s not what he was, and he’s actually making them worse at their jobs. He’s in the way. And that exploration of truly something different for Archer as a character is exciting for us. So it’s about him, and how having him back in the group forces change upon all of them.”

Archer Season 11 Release Date

Therefore, while there is nothing yet on the release date of the new season, fans can at least take solace from the fact that it will be well worth their wait.

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