Apple working to develop social distancing group selfie software

Apple was just granted a patent for a software that has the ability to create “synthetic group selfies”, in simpler terms the software can be utilized to take a group selfie while not being in the proximity of the other people as in maintaining social distance which has now become a prerequisite in the world due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The patent application was first discovered by the website Patently Apple but the patent itself has no correlation to the virus pandemic at all. 

The relation of the two seems so obvious but the idea was applied for a patent by Apple in 2018, so we can surely say that the patent has no relation to the pandemic unless Apple can predict an event. The only reason that the patent came into highlight right now because it was approved on the 2nd of June this year.

All About Apple Social Distancing & Such Ventures- How does this work?

Well, there is no software like that in existence so we can’t speculate in detail how the software would exactly work and what features it would provide but the simple idea seems to be that a group of people who want to take a group selfie can take their pictures at their own places and then the app will proceed to remove the background of the image and share it with the group and then the many images of the group can be put together to create a sort of “group selfie”.

An Apple Social Distancing App?

While they could also utilize depth sensing to create a realistic selfie and for the images to merge into the background.

While the sharing of the image could be from Airdrop, a remote sharing would also be there for sharing the images over long distances and the software will also be able to share video images as well as live streaming images in a addition to still images.

Apple Social Distancing- A Upcoming Software?

There could be two possible versions of the selfie, an individual version, and a group version, while the individual can modify the selfie as per their wishes (changing positions of the people in the image), the group selfie would remain common.

What can we expect?

The whole idea behind the patent and a prospective software like that seems to be a perfect fit for today’s times, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the observance of social distancing rules throughout the world as people are advised to maintain distance from other people to limit the spread of the virus.

Therefore the concept in itself is very relevant today and who wouldn’t like to take a group selfie right now with their friends and family and if software like that releases right now it is sure to be a hit amongst the people.

But alas, most of the patents filed by many companies turn into nothing and even though the idea is very intriguing, it is wholly dependent on Apple to develop an ‘Apple social distancing venture’ software but we should expect a scenario where the nothing comes out of this and the “synthetic group selfies” remain an idea only.

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