The Funniest Auditions on America’s Got Talent So Far

AGT funny auditions: Bored at home? Getting the quarantine blues? Well, all you need then is a good dose of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT! The show has it all, splendid performers, entertaining hosts, super cool judges – you name it they have it!

But today, we are looking at how AGT and its funny auditions always manage to tickle our funny bones and instantly change the vibe of a room!

Presenting, the ultimate countdown of funny auditions on AGT!

  1. Daniel Ferguson

AGT 2017

Any Disney fans out there? Stay rest assured, you are going to love this audition! Daniel Ferguson, a 23 year old sales representative from Ohio, sang for the first time in front of an audience and absolutely killed it! In fact, the impressionist sang DNCE’s hit song ‘Cake By The Ocean’ in the voice of various all-time favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and even Simon Cowell! This unique adaptation is sure to give you a hearty laugh and also make you a little nostalgic! This performance got Daniel all 4 yes’s from the judges. “Thank God for you today, because I was beginning to lose the will to live” says Simon after watching this performance. I guess we would all need this video now! Definitely tops the list of funny auditions on AGT!

  • Dustin’s Dojo

You know how sometimes the silliest things make you laugh your way off a couch. Well, this one is exactly such an example. It wasn’t a really great performance, two of the judges hit the cross button almost instantly but it did make Howard Stern stand up from his seat and applaud Dustin and Terry. So, yes it is one of the funniest auditions on AGT at the very least. Terry happens to be Dustin’s sensei and they put up a performance where Dustin tries out some cool Karate moves. Does he fail or succeed in the same? That’s up to you to decide.

  • David and Leeman

Okay, this one got me laughing so hard!! I still do not understand how they did what they did! These men claimed themselves to be pseudoscientists performed a trick they called ‘pressure phrenology’ where they would apply pressure on a person’s skull that would not allow them to perform, otherwise easy tasks. The pseudovolunteer for this trick was Howie Mandel, who lost his ability to READ when Leeman held his head! Combined with some well-timed jokes and this amazing act, altogether this was an amazing set. It is sure to get you rolling on the floor laughing! Certainly, funny auditions on AGT wouldn’t remain funny without this one.

  • Oliver Graves

When you think of a standup comedian, would you imagine one dressed in a torn costume with black lipstick and dark eyeshadow all around the eyes? No? Even I didn’t! Until I saw this performance, that is.

Oliver’s performance is dark and funny in a way you never would fathom could even exist. His humour isn’t the usual, so get ready to be surprised.

  • Melissa Villasenor

This performance is a treat to watch! Melissa is a stand-up comedian and an impressionist who absolutely slays the impressions of famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kathy Griffin, Natalie Portman and many more. These impressions are so accurate, that they increase the comedic appeal of the performance tenfold! One of the most hilarious auditions on AGT!

  • Ray Jessel

This performance is a definite must watch! Ray, an 84 year old sweeps the judges off their feet with his young, fresh take at humour via music and witty humour. The tune the song takes is so catchy, it complements the amazing lyrics perfectly. Yes, Heidi, we too like your children can’t get enough of this song!

“Ray, you are a naughty, funny, dirty old man. And I loved it and you made me laugh a lot!” said MelB. Well, she’s absolutely right! This is definitely one of the funniest auditions on AGT.

  • Drew Lynch

This performer simply stole my heart! His act, content, and style is so unique it definitely takes a place in everyone’s heart. His performance was so good that he even earned a golden buzzer from Howie. Drew’s set is strengthened by personal anecdotes and funny takes on his disability. He is just so cute and candid, my heart melted!

  • Samuel J. Comroe

This mind-blowing stand-up comedian get himself a standing ovation from the audience after his audition set based on his Tourette syndrome. In fact, Samuel placed 4th in Season 13 of AGT. Samuel slid through the audition with so much ease and grace it is a wonderful treat to watch. And, yes, the twitch does make him look super cute!

  • Preacher Lawson

This stand-up comedian was such that the judges weren’t satisfied with the set and wanted more jokes! From his entrance to his iconic ending, the performance was a treat the whole time. Moreover, his expressions and comedic timing completely stole the show! Preacher’s comedy took him until the finals of the show too. Take a look at one of the funniest auditions on AGT-

  • Paul Zerdin

This performance stole the show, entirely! Howie twerking is a scene that would make you jump off your chair laughing. One of the most hilarious scenes on AGT! Paul made Howie a human ventriloquist. Also, From the voice to the acting to the mere confidence with which Paul owned the stage and the judge’s seat for that matter is simply out of this world. The expressions on Howie’s face during the act are mind blowing!

So, those are the top 10 picks for funny auditions on AGT! To be honest, it is so hard to choose the funniest of the lot. All of them are just so talented, I was rolling on the floor laughing after each and every performance. I would also like to add just how wonderful Howie is! His volunteering just added spectacle to many of these performers’ acts.

America’s Got Talent is the perfect show to watch for a quick lightening up of the mood and an instant doze of energy!  And, these 10 acts are the perfect mix of performances to watch, if you want to make full use of a break with AGT and its most hilarious auditions!

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