12 years to Bernie Mac’s death: Here are some moments when he made us laugh

Bernie Mac’s shows and movies

Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac was known as the most renowned comedian back in the 1980s. he was a stand-up comedian and a comic. He has been a part of many movies. “Bad Santa”, “Mr. 3000” are some of the movies Bernie Mac was cast for. Bernie Mac was also seen in the movie called Oceans 11. He had also had his show known as “The Bernie’s show”.

Death of Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac died at the age of 50 in 2008. Yes, it has been almost 12 years since his death. Bernie Mac was diagnosed with pneumonia. Though he was a comedian his life was the opposite. Bernie also suffered from sarcoidosis ( a tissue inflammation). But according to the reports, Bernie Mac’s death was solely done to pneumonia.

History of Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac was born in Chicago in 1957. He was a person who could make an entire bunch of people laugh. Bernie had an inborn talent. He was a stand-up comedian doing small shows. Later he became quite famous, he also got in many movies in his hands. Everyone loved him. His show was very successful. Many people confess that Bernie’s show has brought in a cure for them be it depression as well as other emotional problems. he has been in a lot of shows as well as uncountable tours around the world.

Here are some of his works :

Here are some moments have shown below when Bernie Mac made us laugh our hearts out.  12 years have passed by but there are many of us still holding on to him as he has been one of the inspirations.

Some of Bernie’s famous sayings and quotes :

“Whatever success I’ve had, I always like to top it”

“The success of my comedy has been not being afraid to touch on subject matters or issues that everyone else is politically scared of”

“I don’t care about how I look; I’m dedicated to the laughs. You know, I used to be a clown, so my name was Smoothie the clown. All the training I had, all my training is geared towards making people laugh, and I didn’t care about being cool”.

“I’m looking for laughs, you know? If it takes me to flip over a table, if I have to go to physical comedy, I will do it. But whenever the joke needs at that particular time, is where I’m dedicated to. I’m not into beating somebody down and beating myself up. don’t do insults and things like that. I am a storyteller”

“I, ve introduced myself with comedy, and once you’ve introduced yourself as something, that’s where people keep you. That’s where people like to hold you”

Bernie Mac has dedicated all his life to the people. he was loved by children as well as old aged people. He says this is something that makes him quite happy. Bernie Mac quotes are not only funny as well as inspirational. He has a different way of expressing things. One of which is through making people laugh.

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