10 lesser known facts about Taylor Swift. Know more details here!

Taylor Swift, one of the most popular pop icons of the current generation is always in the limelight and this article is about facts of Taylor swift. The 30-year-old American singer-songwriter is known for writing songs that are mostly based on her personal life. Even though her music pretty much gives away most of her life’s stories, there are facts that you might have not known before. Let’s take a look at some of those lesser-known Taylor Swift facts.

taylor swift facts
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1. Taylor Grew in a Christmas Tree Farm

Taylor shared in a 2014 interview with Esquire that she grew up in a Christmas tree farm during her early childhood days as her father brought it from a client.

According to Taylor,

It was such a weird place to grow up. But it has cemented in me this unnatural level of excitement about fall and then the holiday season. My friends are so sick of me talking about autumn coming. They’re like, “What are you, an elf?”

2. She wrote a novel at the age of 14

Taylor Swift wrote a 350-page novel titled “A girl named girl” when she was 14 years old. The novel was never published but her parents still have a copy of it.

3. She learned to play her first instrument -the guitar from a computer repairman

Taylor learned to play the first 3 chords on her guitar from a computer tech and local musician who had come over to her place to repair the computer.

4. She is a multi-instrumentalist

Not only can she play guitar both acoustic and electric but also banjo, piano, and the ukulele.

5. Taylor’s chart-topping ‘Our Song’ was actually written for her high school talent show in her freshman year

When asked about ‘Our Song‘ Taylor said…

I’ve gotta write an upbeat song that’s gonna relate to everyone.’ And at that time, I was dating a guy and we didn’t have a song. So I wrote us one, and I played it at the show. Months later, people would come up to me and say, ‘I loved that song that you played.’ And then they’d start singing lines of it back to me. They’d only heard it once, so I thought, ‘There must be something here!

6. The entire album of ‘Speak Now’ was written solely by Taylor

Taylor is known for her excellent songwriting skills. She has been writing songs from quite a young age. However, some questioned her songwriting abilities. So as a response to that, she wrote the entire third album ‘Speak Now’ by herself. The album has a total of 14 songs all of which were written by her when she was between 18 to 20 and they subsequently went onto become a commercial hit and one of her best selling albums of all time.

7. Taylor is a United States History buff and says she knows it “like the back of my hand”

8. Taylor occasionally attended her friend Abigail’s college classes and her brother’s dorm rooms to experience life as a normal 19-year-old

Taylor cited the following to the Wall Street Journal-

The life I chose is very different from theirs. I keep one eye on the path I didn’t choose every day … I just want to sit there and see what it’s like for a day

9. Taylor auditioned for the Broadway theatre before pursuing music

She stated that she always ‘dreamt of auditioning for Broadway’. She used to take vocal lessons in New York where she simultaneously auditioned for Broadway as well. Having tried several times, It was when she couldn’t make it, she chose songwriting instead. But that didn’t keep her from loving theatre to this day.

10. Taylor’s all-time hit song ‘Love Story’ was about a guy who she wanted to date but eventually couldn’t

Taylor said that she once wanted to date a guy but things went down before they could even start so she expressed her feelings through the song ‘Love Story’ as she could relate hers with a tragedy akin to ‘Romeo & Juliet’.

That’s about it, folks! What are your thoughts on these facts about Taylor Swift? Share them in the comment section below.

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